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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 1, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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millions of dollars in an attempt to protect themselves. of course, y2k came and went without any major problems 16 years ago today. and all us reporters stayed up late for nothing. neil cavuto is next. >> welcome everybody and happy new year, i'm neil cavuto. it's hard to believe we're kicking off a new year at that time promises to be, i think, an election year. don't hold me to it. this much i do know, everything starts building four weeks from today. that is when we have the iowa caucuses and then you start getting into new hampshire and the other primaries and the battle royale among a very busy field of candidates for whom terrorist security issues has become number one, even ore economic security issues no surprise, all of last year we were on it and all over it. take a look. >> i do want to rebuild the american military. i know that rand is a committed
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isolationist. i'm not. i believe the world is a stronger and better place when the united states is the strongest military power in the world. >> if putin wants to good and knock the hell out of isis, i am all for it 100%, and i can't understand how anybody would be against it. >> they blew up -- hold up -- they blew up -- wait a minute -- they blew up a russian airplane. he cannot be in love with these people. he is going and we can go in and everybody should go in. >> i'm not happy about them flying over there but eye knock knife eve enough to say iraq -- we're just going to announce we are shooting them down in that is naive to the point of being something you nightmare junior high, but it's -- might hear in junior high. >> naomi go going to respond in a no-fly zone strategy. what would yours be. >> the first thing i would do, i wouldn't arm our enemies. >> one of the most discussed issues in the last month, online security. for bush. what is the biggest threat
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facing america today? >> it is, i'd say it's islamic terrorism, and back to the question what we're dealing with in iraq, we pull back, voids are filled. that the lesson of history, and sadly this presidents to not believe in american leadership. he does not believe it in and the net result is we have a caliphate the size of indiana. they gain energy each and every day to recruit americans in our own country, and the threat to the homeland is great do few the fact we have knotted not department with the threat offer to in me middle east. >> president obama is unwilling to utter the words radical islamic terrorism and that has a consequence, the consequence of not being willing to address that is that our policies-not directed towards defeating it. >> you have to continue to face them because our goal is not to contain them but to destroy them before they destroy us. >> can you be for unlimited military spending? it's like, i'm going to make the country safe. we need a safe country.
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but we spend more on our military than the next ten countries combined? i want a strong national defense, but i don't want us to be bankrupt. >> you think defending this nation is expensive. try not defending it. that's a lot more expensive. but, there is -- you can do that and pay for it. you can do that and also be fiscally responsible. >> we can't continue to be the policeman of the world. woe $19 trillion, country going to hell, an infrastructure that is falling apart, our roads and brims -- bridges and schools and airports, and we have to start investing money in our country. >> donald is wrong on this. absolutely wrong. we're not going to be the world residents policemen but but we better be the world residents leader. without us leading, voids are filled. >> we need to rebuild our strengths and vladimir putin's eyes by taking actions that will
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push back on his growing adversarial role. >> do you think -- rebuilding our fleets, sending a message, a lot of it would be symbolic but powerfully symbolic, that a president fiorina would be tempting war. >> we are tempt war when we're weak. >> donald trump said if vladimir putin is going after isis, let him. it saves us the trouble. what do you think? >> i do not want to allow vladimir putin to expand his influence. that's been his goal for quite some time now. we cannot contribute to his ability too regain that. >> do you think trump is being naive? >> i don't want to talk about trump. i want to tell you what i believe. and we need to have a global strategy. >> we didn't even get them to shut their traps up when it
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comes to saying, death to america, and we'll wipe israel off the fate of the map. >> people pounce on that and say, that's fine and mighty of a lot of republicans who are all for gung ho the iraq war, but got us into a big old mess and now rejecting an agreement that could at least lessen the likelihood of that. what do you say to that? >> well, i think people are being a bit fool hardy if they try to say this is like the iraq war. the iranians have specifically threatened to wipe israel off the face of the map. >> hacking into our computers, spying on american corporations, and spying on our citizens. how are you going to stop that? >> well, have to start with this. remember why we're in the position we're in withman because an absolutely weak and feckless foreign policy that was engineered by hillary clinton and barack obama. that why we're in the position we're in. because the chinese don't take
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us seriously and why should that? they hacked in the american government's personnel files and took millions of records. and cyber warfare, i'm one of the victims of that hack. they've took my social security number, my fingerprints, as a former united states attorney, that was on file. what has the president done? not one thing. let me be clear what i would do. if the chinese commit cyber warfare against us, they are going to see cyber warfare like they have never seen before. >> you ever get a sense right now that this battle in washington, goes back and forth, from the capitol on funding for the nsa, how far government agencies can go, is dividing republicans? there's a rand paul wing and everybody else. >> while rand paul and a few others expressed concerns about civil liberties and i respect that although i don't she in
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shred over evidence. the people who want to overturn the pate troll act are on the left. we need to restore -- give people some room in the democratic party to be strong supporters of defending the homeland again. >> always a balancing. always a balancing between security and freedom. >> you seem to be more closely aligned with president obama, senator. >> i am. >> at least on this issue. >> am. >> senator paul. >> i vote for the patriot act and would vote for it again. i think it's been a very effective in keeping americans safe. i remember when it was put forth. there was concern about repeated terrorist attacks going on, on a constant basis and that not happened as much as anyone predicted during that time, and i think the patriot october has been effective in curbing those attacks. >> governor, you would say no to these refugees. why? >> well, i think, neil, look, this is not a matter of heart.
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as you know, i've been accused at times of having too big a heart, and the fact is that we have to be secure, and right now, when you have james clapper, the head of the national security agency, and fbi officials, everybody else saying we don't have an effective way to vet them, you can't be in a position of where you let them in. >> do you think they're saying that congress is overdoing it on freezing refugees and making a big missnake and that in you're case as a presidential candidate, it's actually hurting the party? >> well, look, here's the thing mitchell position isn't that we -- it's not that we don't want to accept refugees. it's that we may not be able to accept them because you can't accept people from that part of the world unless their fully vetted and most of them cannot be vet. don't have accurate databases or information to vet them against. given what is happening around the world today we cannot accept people into this country who we don't know who they are or why they're coming and that a big problem, and it's -- i understand it's a unique challenge but one we face here in the 21st century that we
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surprised at retrospect when they demanded a $15 minimum wage, not only were they getting close, they were winning outright, and a lot of candidates to this day are surprised. [chanting] >> are you sympathetic to the protesters cause for the $15 wage works out to $31,000 a year. >> i can't be, neil. the around can't be is that we are a country that is being beaten on every front economically, militarily, there's nothing that we do now to win. we don't win anymore. our taxes are too high. i have come up with a tax plan that many, many people like very much. it's going to be a tremendous plan. i think it will make our country and our economy very dynamic. but taxes, too high.
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wages, too high. we're not going to be able to compete against the world. i hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is. people have to go out, have to work really hard, have to get into that upper stratum but we cannot do this if wore going to compete with the rest of the world. we can't do it. >> so not raise the minimum wage. >> i would not raise the minimum. >> dr. carson you have long bemoaning this recovery, and this map shows americans share your concerns. the green is the jobs issue. you suggested one minimum wage does not fit all and that perhaps we should offer a lower or starter wage for young people. those protesters outside are looking for $15 an and nothing less. where are you? >> i can remember as a youngster, my first job working in our laboratory, the lab assistant, in put pel other
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jobs -- multiple other jobs but i wouldn't have gotten those job i was someone had to pay india large amount of money. what i did gain from those jobs is a tremendous amount of experience, and how to operate in the world and how to relate to different people, and how to become a responsible individual, and that is what gave me what i needed to extend the ladder of opportunity in this country that's what we need to think about, how to allow people to ascend the ladder of opportunity rather than giving them everything and keep them dependent. >> sir, just to be clear, you would not raise it? >> i would not raise it. [chanting] >> if they were smart they would rates the wages on their -- >> if they were smart they would be making money hand over fist and they're not. >> they're not making money hand over fist. you're right.
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because they've made some very stupid management decisions. >> that's -- >> put the workers shouldn't have to pay for it. >> the workers are going to pay for it. that's what makes this argue. one fry short of a happy meal. >> letting all politicians know when we have a year to election time we will not support anyone who doesn't support us. >> if i thought that raising the minimum wage is the best way to help people increase their pave i would be all for it, but it isn't. in the 21st century it's a temperatures a. you'll make people more expensive than a machine and all the automation replaces jobs and people right knew will only be accelerated. i don't know why have stigmatized vocational education, we need nor welders and less philosophers. >> i'm going to show you the next segment, something that reminded people i'm on old fogey and lecturing a young kid. guilty as charged. here is the exception. this old fogey back and forth
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in many ways she reminded me of my daughter, sweet, innocent, pretty nice kid. unfortunately a little naive. she was pushing for someone, anyone, well, anyone but her, to cover her tuition, and to cover a lot of other things. maybe put it on the one percent. what started as just an innocent exchange between two people who saw things two very different ways, turn out this is something, well, very, very different, something that went viral. take a look. >> the three core demands of the
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national day of action are, free public college, a cancellation of student debt and a $15 an hour minimum wage for people who work on the campus. >> how is that going to be paid? >> great question. i mean, so, i'm not sure if you're talking about on a national level or particular schools. i can touch on both -- >> if you want all that stuff, someone has to pick up the tab. who would that be? >> um, the one percent of people in society that are hoarding the wealth and really sort of causing a catastrophe that students are facing. we have a relationship right now where one percent of the population owns more wealth than the 99% combined. >> all right. so, the one percent -- if the one percent just had their taxes raised a few years ago, back to 40%, then to pay for the healthcare law they had them raised another few percentage points, then they had their deductions limited to raise another couple points where
1:21 pm
departmenting on the state, they're pushing over 50% in taxes. how much higher too you think? how much more do you think they should pay? >> i think enough until we have a system where not one in two american families are threatened with poverty. >> let say if you tax them -- they're smart folks these, one percent hoarders. if they leave here, then who is going to pay for all this stuff you want? >> if they leave? >> the country. >> oh. i mean, there's always going to be a one percent in the u.s. the u.s. is like the bastion of capitalism and success -- >> you think the one percent can pay for all of this? >> absolutely. 85 people in the world hold more wealth than half of the global population. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, are we talking about 85 billion billionaires or extending this to the one percent or whomever who earn north of $250,000.
1:22 pm
at what level do you start saying you got to pay a hell of a lot more than you're paying now in taxes? >> i mean, i think people earning -- certainly people earning over a million dollars a year should be contributing to -- >> how much? 50% now, we used to have a top rate of 90% should we get back to that? >> i think that eventually we will get back to that. >> you're okay with that? are some of your friends okay with senate some of them want to be successful and would be happy when they get to a leverage over 250,000, they start paying 90% in taxes on that? they'll be happy with that? >> absolutely. i think that -- >> come on, you're talking to me. your friend are going to be happy getting to a point in their career when they can say, finally, i'm able to pay 90% in taxes. >> obviously people in your
1:23 pm
position don't want to pay 90%. >> i dare say, unless you're high as a kite, you wouldn't volunteer to pay 90%. right? i mean, unless you really did see a considerable bang for the buck and it was worth it. but a lot of the times you realize it's not worth it, and given some of the track records with the government, it doesn't always work, right? >> yeah. absolutely. but the reality is, if we have to look at the injustice of the system as it exists right now. >> then do you think maybe if everyone paid at bit more for this, would you pay a little bit more for this, besides the rich? that it's worth it, that you think these are good goals. >> people are already paying for this. >> no, i asked it differently. i asked you, would you and your friends and your mom and dad and family, happily pay more? >> yes. >> to provide all of these benefits you just outlined? >> of course, and we already are. >> no, no, you just said to pay for some of the things you wanted the rich should pay
1:24 pm
significantly more than they're paying right now. enough you're telling me -- >> that's exactly what i'm saying. everybody is already paying. >> they're not a. now you're saying, added -- these add benefits -- they're fine bent fit -- benefits, you think your friends, they're parents, your parents, your family, would be happy to pay more to provide these guarantees and benefits? >> i come from an incredibly working class family, and my family is already on numerous forms of government assistance, and is basically scraping by in order to get me through college. i live in a world, and a/c a system around me where there's a population that is doing nothing to contribute to the progression of society. education is really the only way that we have innovation, that we have --time i'm sure -- you sound very smart and you know what's going on in the world, probably aware of what is happening in greece and other countries that provided all these benefits benefits and the, many of which you outlined very
1:25 pm
nicely today, and they're going broke, and they're out of money, and they don't know what to do. and there people are rioting the streets because they can't believe the money is gone and the benefits and the promises are gone. >> right. >> what too you think? >> um, there's a global catastrophe right now of complete defunding of social services. >> because they ran out of money. >> you know what happened, they ran out of money. >> i understand but there's a one percent in greece. there's a ruling class -- >> i don't doubt that but they're trying to tap them to get money and they realize they don't have the money and they're gone -- >> so those people need be accountable. >> fine, but they're smart and -- now even -- >> they are and that's a problem. >> they've done studies on this. i don't want to get boring.
1:26 pm
if you took the one percent and took all of their money, tax it 100%, do you know that cooperate keep medicare, just medicare, going for three years. did you know that? >> if we're to a point where the rich is paying 100% of then taxes we're on the road to socialism and we'll have a completely different type of public infrastructure. >> what i told you is that even if you took all the money from the rich who you say are getting away with murder. you ticket all away, it wouldn't support one entitlement in this country for three years. >> i don't -- i don't believe that. >> okay. >> i'm sorry. i just don't -- that sounds completely ludicrous to me. >> do you know how much it will cost to mandate a $15 minimum wage across the country to have everybody's student loan debt paid off to pay for college? do you have a ruff idea of the cost of the educational part, the student loan part --
1:27 pm
>> absolutely. $1.3 trillion in student debt. that just the beginning. and then billion -- >> do you know how much you get fully taxing the -- >> it's about a trillion. >> to bail out the banks in 2008 -- >> i just want this to be math reminder. one trillion, which would barely keep medicare going for three years, one area, even if we reposition it to go into this area you want, we don't have enough to do it. so you'll have to find other means of getting money, right? >> yeah. i think that that a starting point. >> so is social security okay or does it need to be reined in? it depends on the candidate you talk to. >> social security and medicare are not classic entitlemented. they're earned because people put the money in -- >> i don't diminish that at all.
1:28 pm
i'm saying they're not sustainable. >> let me put it this way if all the other republican candidate want to stan on one side of the stage and say they're going to cut people's social security and medicare benefits they're paid in for 50 years of work and i'm the only one on the side of stay thy stage saying that i won't do that, i'm happy to be in a short line. it means i believe the government out to oner its promises to people. >> the responsible thingtake step in and preserve and reform social security some medicare. what politicians in washington are doing right now allowing it careen -- >> would you means test it, what? >> it means you do both. for seniors and for those who are near retirement, you make no changes whatsoever. governor huckabee is exactly right in that regard, we need to honor the commitments made to our seniors who have depend on the -- >> retirement, senator, those who are five years eight are ten
1:29 pm
years. >> those within a few years and let me contrast it to people my age. i'm 44. it is hard to find someone my generation who believed social security will be there for them. >> the fact its inaction is not an option here. and what i want to do is save social security for everybody. but we'll have to change it. we're living longer, better lives. that's a blessing. but we need to rates the retirement age in order to deal with that. >> how would you do that? the age raise? >> i'd raise the retirement age two years and phase it in over the next 25 years. that means it would go up one month a year for 25 years until you reach eligibility so nunn one -- >> less broke, i guess, than medicaid, and medicare, which explode into our lives and create huge social deficit. social security, we need to adjust it because life expect tap si has gone up --
1:30 pm
>> when you've say adjust. >> be retirement age. >> the for seeable. >> the point is, if we're going to fix for it the next 50 years, we need to start working on it now. and progressively rates the retirement age. >> we can not bring our long-term debt under control if we do not reform and save medicare and social security. the ideas are there to do that. just takes the political will to do it. >> would you means test. >> i think that could be a component, especially in terms how we index the benefits. >> for younger people like yourself inevitable -- >> i'm 44 years old mitchell medicare is going look different than my mother's. no way around it. the choice we have is, are we going to deal with notice in a more supreme rational way or wait until we have a debt crisis and scramble to deal with it. >> at first they treated donald trump as if he was joke and a lark and wouldn't go far, this tease for running for president of the united states. that was then. a lot has happened since.
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i'm ed henry in washington. in cab well, one person killed and 11 wounded when a taliban suicide struck a restaurant popular with for northerns. president obama resolution, more executive action to bypass congress. reports are he is preparing executive action on immigration in the new year as well. and word that natalie cole has died. coal was a grammy winner in her open right but her greatest success came in 1991 when he rerecorded her father's classic hit. natalie cole was 65.
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i'm ed henry in washington. don't miss a live special report, 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. >> if a billionaire enters this race, aren't you just going to be fodder for all of these guys? >> well, perhaps so. i've always said, neil, that it's very, very hard for a very successful person and a rich person, person who has made a tremendous amount of money to go into politics specially at the presidential level. i'll be saying it again. it's very tough. so i don't know. i have no idea. but i have created tremendous wealth and i could do that for the country. if i run and win i could create tremendous wealth for the country, i could create jobs for the country. nothing is easy, but i know how to make this country great again. i know how to make our country rich again, which we have to do in order to make it great and that's what i do. so, you know, people may not like that message or they may. i would be the jobs president,
1:36 pm
and i also think i'd be the best security president. i tell the truth. some people like it. some people hate it. and the voters may like it. they may not like it. i'm telling you they will not be able to make this country great again. i will be. i know how to negotiate. i wrote the book on negotiates. it's just -- that's been my life. >> the magic of donald trump, although some who he has criticized don't find him very magical. nevertheless trump's strategy has been, he says, not going after any candidates until they go after him. they might slightly disagree. >> when you see all of this and you hear the kind of comments that donald trump made, he says in response to criticisms he was getting from these men. what do you say? >> i just think this is a food fight that the media just absolutely loves and the rope is that it does -- the reason is it does damage to the person.
1:37 pm
>> a lot of times people say i just want someone who will fight. ask them do you want them to fight so as to win and improve things or just fight? i've said, any drunken redneck can walk in a bar and start a fight. the question is, can he finish the fight? >> does that jibe with ted cruz? someone who would advocate for tax hike or to punish companies that ship jobs overseas. >> i think donald trump's campaign has been unbelievably beneficial for my campaign. and the biggest reason is, i'm a big fan of -- who said every battle is won before it's fought, won by choosing terrain -- >> we wouldn't raise tacks -- >> just invade and conquer them instead. >> his comments about mexico, and more to the point your wife, got under your skin and you used some choice words to describe him. was any of that true? >> no. that's not true. did it get measure any skin and anger he retweeted a tweet
1:38 pm
saying i'm soft on immigration because my wife is from mexico? that is outrageous. unfair. my wife is an american, by the way. american by choice. she loves this country. she wants the border 0 to be secure as well. so does everybody. we got to get beyond this kind of conversation. >> senator, you have said you're very confident in the end when all the dust settle you'll be the nominee so going to that point i want to know, would you entertain donald trump being a running mate? >> well, i think it's too early to use anybody's name. >> lefts say you become the rum nominee, would you look at donald trump as a potential running mate? >> know, i know donald trump, i've had a chance to associate with him. now that i've moved down to florida. he is a fun guy. a very smart guy. i will leave it at that. >> you might. >> all things are possible, absolutely. >> if you think about it,
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it is probably fair to say that when it comes to the republican presidential candidates they all welcome anyone who wants to come into this country, getting into this country, just not everyone. >> we're a country of laws. we either have a country or we don't have a country. we are country of laws. going to have to go out and come back but they have to go out and hopefully they get back, but we have no choice if we're going to run our country properly and if we're going to be a country. >> in 1986 ronald reagan basically said anymore who were here, if they were law-abiding could stay. what didn't happen is we didn't build the wall effectively and
1:42 pm
didn't control the border. we need to. we need to control our border just like people have to control who goes in and out of their house. for the 11 million people, come on, folks, we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across, back across the border? it's a silly argument. it's not an adult argue. -- argument. >> all i can say you're lucky in ohio you struck oil. that's one thing. let me tell you that dwight eisenhower, good president, great president, people liked him. i like ike, right? the expression, i like ike. moved a million and a half illegal immigrants out of this country. moved them just beyond the border. they came back. moved them again beyond the border. they came back. didn't like it. moved them way south. they never came back. dwight eisenhower. you don't get nicer, you don't get friendlier, they moved a
1:43 pm
million and a half people out. we have no choice. >> the number of us are extremely concerned about this whole sanctuary city mess, but even more importantly, the illegal immigration problem we have. i've spoken very strongly about that, and we need to go ahead and solve the problem. we have the ability to do it. we decent have the will to do it. >> what do you want us to do? >> what i would do is secure the borders, north, south, east, and west, that does not necessarily mean you have to build fences and walls. we can take advantage of electronic surveillance, drones, in a variety of technological features. >> two illegal immigrants placed on city council there and a lot of the citizens are upset because they are illegals, and the mayor's argument for putting them on that was that they have a voice because of the large
1:44 pm
illegal immigrant community. >> i think that outrageous. we have to respect the rule of law. if we're going to turn immigration into an economic driver, which it can be. it can be part of a strategy too get to four percent growth. have to apply the rule of law and respect the laws of society. >> feel that what you said when you said that the people across the border are rapists and murders -- >> no. no we're talking about illegal immigration, and everybody understands that. that's a typical case of the press with my interpretation. they take a half sentence -- then they take a quarter sentence, put it all together, it's typical things. >> do you think that trump is going too far? >> look, donald trump is a friend of mind. i like and respect donald. he speaks in a colorful way, in
1:45 pm
a way that you and i don't speak, but i commend him for focusing the attention of the country on the problem of illegal immigration, on the problem of sanctuary cities. >> all of this people that don't want to have debate about illegal immigration and focus on trump's comments about mexicans, and -- >> do you think he is hurting the party -- >> the real issue -- >> do you think he's hearting the party. >> the comment s he has made -- not about the party. i think the comments he made has allowed people that don't want to have a debate oar talk about illegal immigration to distract from the very serious debate, we have a broken immigration statement and an illegal immigration problem that isn't just a 0 pourous bored with mexico. 40% of illegal immigrants are coming legally. they're oversaying visas. and i've said that until we deal with that issue, we can't do anything else on immigration. >> it is called a brokered convention. that is when a party gets to its
1:46 pm
big shindig and they really don't have a nominee because that person has not acquired all of the delegates necessary to become anywhere nominee. it's very rare in american hoyt but has happened, and for republicans sometimes it can get device simple. very divisive. remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... ...but i'm a woman. maybe it's a misprint. does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. are you in good hands?
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a protect erred convention. i've always argued that the math made it very likely for republicans that there were so maybe candidates running so many states with proportional delegate rewards-that it would be very difficult for one person to acquire all the delegates he or she would need to become the republican nominee for president of the united states. i've been mentioning this for the past year. and from that time onward, it's >> can you envision a situation where they get to ohio, they don't have the nominee. >> is it possible? yes. likely? no. >> as you suggested we have 16 candidates, most of them viable. we may have 16. mostly viable. >> get to the convention without a nominee. >> if that were to occur, the people who got the delegates
1:50 pm
would come together and choose one of themselves and not look outside. >> we're going to have a much more chaotic political year than the political mainstream in washington thinks it is. we have vary unhappy country and a bunch of people who haven't yet found the message of the president. >> i know you're an expert but i play one on tv. i don't think a single republican will have the delegates necessary getting to cleveland. i base that on nothing more than math. you could get there without a clear winner. >> lincoln beat out a team of rivals. and because they had multiple ballots about my only point is it's not inference sickly evil and going in there with the math not faving one person means it's battle at the convention. >> right. >> do you we can we could have a
1:51 pm
brokers convention? >> i think it's very possible. >> they could turn to you, turn to romney? >> i don't think it would be that brokered. >> really? >> think we'll have a nominee on the first battle? >> i hope we have a nominee before the primary is over because we all know what a divisions those expose when there's a brokered convention. >> just looking at the possibility of brokered convention where no one has acquired the delegates to be in the nominee so what would be the harm in looking at a strategy or alternative? abe lincoln got the nomination in such an environment. >> look, let me tell -- >> you covered abe lincoln, remember that. what they were talk about is growing concern about a brokered convention. if someone gets to cleveland next summer, without the delegates necessary to win, you got a brokers convention, got
1:52 pm
all sorts of confusion and they wanted to address that. they were not citing or targeting anyone. what are you saying? >> i mean, if that's the case, then why is it so secretive? >> what would bring you to the point of saying i'm no longer republican. >> if it became clear they were using various types of procedures to get around the women ol' the people i would leave.
1:53 pm
know we not meeting in a public restaurant with people to talk about how to engineer a brokered convention to stop people. >> normally past history suggests we go through -- >> you could have a brokered convention, your dream, neil. >> you laughed at me, of course were you in that camp. that said that the way the party structure is scheduled, i think it's distinctly possible we get to cleveland, we don't have a nominee. >> think you're exactly right. >> very close to doing yet another fox business network debate. let's just say judging from the first debate we did back in november things could get pretty testy. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings.
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well if you liked this the first time, we think you'll get into it a second time. because fox business network is hosting yet another presidential debate. and if memory serves me right, these things can get pretty raucous. >> ♪ ♪ >> inside the milwaukee theater, welcome to the republican presidential debate, here on the fox business network. >> if a candidate goes over their allotted time you'll hear this. [ bell ringing ]
1:57 pm
>> it sounds like a game show, but it's not. >> we're talking about national debt. climbing towards $19 trillion. what concrete steps would you take to reduce the size of the federal government? >> you have said that the democrats' message is one of quote free stuff. in contrast, republicans want to reduce spending. how do you win a national election and you're the party that is seemingly offering nothing in the way of immediate tangible benefits. >> one of the biggest economic concerns of course in the country, are taxes. >> taxes, taxes, tax cuts. >> reform the tax code. >> tax reform. >> tax reform. >> federal income tax. >> taxes. >> this debate capturing the discussion on facebook and you see, taxes at the very top. >> we are in what they call the spin room, where candidates like to spin or sometimes just state their case. here's what means everything to us. we kept it to business.
1:58 pm
you allowed some of the others to mix it up and get nasty with each other and you held off. i was watching you very closely and it was like you would not engage in that. >> rand is a committed isolationist, i'm not. i believe the world is a stronger and a better place. >> not mom and pop. not -- you just said -- >> nose to step in and bail out the bank. >> i don't have to hear from him to believe me. >> i'm becoming very diplomatic, right? you're teaching me, i'm trying to be like you. >> we've been getting a ton of emails on the debate. one i got a kick out of joe emailed, you guys did a great job on the debate. but maria bartiromo is so much prettier than you are. really is that the the level of debate we're at here? >> dude -- >> dude? whoa whoa whoa. >> you want to win the republican primary. >> dude? you called me dude? >> you've been mixing with those fat-cat dude politician. >> i thought were you doing a
1:59 pm
terrific job. and it's because the content was substantive. the questions weren't softballs, you pressed the candidates. but it was based on substance and policy and record. it wasn't condescending and nasty and personal. >> how do you think you survived tonight? >> i had a great time. we had three very talented people up there asking questions. i said, somebody just asked me, how was it? i said it was very elegant. >> did you a fantastic job, all the moderators did. >> you were terrific, you threw the ball up, you let the candidates jump for it. that's what we needed. >> it really was the gold standard of what a debate is supposed to be about. >> you're watching fox business where we mean business, we really do. >> if you think about it, that's our gift to you, right? always having your back. always remembering what matters to you. always on the business and real-life issues that matter to you. it means a lot to us. it means a lot that you watch us. so make it a very, very special
2:00 pm
year. because just like we were doing last year and all the years before, we'll be looking out for you. really. happy new year. a special edition of the o'rilery factor is on tonight. we have an unforgettable show for you tonight. the miller meets gutfield and mcgirk special. what does dennis miller think about the tsa? >> until you fly me privately, the tsa are the biggest geniuses in the culture. >> what are greg gutfeld's thoughts on russian leader puten? >> he's the world's sexiest man. >> what do college graduates know about american history? bernard mcgirk has some thoughts. >> we have the nation of dunces we have the right to be stupid. >> all of that and more in some of the best moments from the boys this year. caution you are about to enter


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